You know when your kids are in middle school and they decide they have a crush on a girl and you sweetly roll your eyes thinking that this little crush will never last?


Then it does.

and it’s the best kind of love?

This is them.

They have known each other since childhood.  Dated for 8 years and now have been married for 3 years as of July 2017.

So much Romance!

And now just LOOK at that sweet baby they made.  THEY MADE THAT!

God is good!

This little guys name is Walker.  We are all pretty smitten with him.

If you are looking for someone to capture this beautiful time in your life, please contact me.

Maternity & Newborn portraits are my specialities.

I just adore it!

Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_500 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_501 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_502 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_503 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_504 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_505 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_506 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_507 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_508 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_509 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_510 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_511 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_512 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_513 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_514 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_515 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_516 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_517 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_518 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_519 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_520 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_521 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_522 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_523

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“Sunshine, heavenly sunshine. Filling my soul with, glory divine!”

Those lyrics are to a song my mamma use to sing to me growing up.  They always helped me to look on the bright side and appreciate all God has done for us.  This little baby girl…they call her Sunshine and well, you can see why!  She is divine!

One of the biggest compliments photographer can receive, is when another photographer hires them! Thank you Jennifer for trusting me with these sweet memories! If you are looking for a newborn photographer, you can find me right here in Gwinnett County Georgia!  Specifically, Sugar Hill Georgia!

Mamma did not want to be in pictures…but I convinced her to anyway!  Oh boy…I am so glad I did!  This is one of my favorite spots right outside my studio doors in Sugar Hill, Georgia.  I am so blessed to have a studio space in my Sugar Hill home and to be on a little lake, giving me outdoor options as well! EQ4A9511


This sweet white blanket belongs to my mother in law!  I am so lucky to have people in my life that love antiques as much as I do!  We do much of our antiques shopping in nearby towns such as Cumming, Georgia, Flowery Branch, Georgia, Buford, Georgia and Suwanee.  But one of our favorite spots to go antiquing is at the Country Living Festival!  It’s held every October in Stone Mountain, Georgia!  You should go!  It’s what heaven will be like…I am sure of it!

This blanket offered the perfect textures for this image.  I picked these white hydrangea from my mother in law’s yard,  minutes before my photoshoot with little Miss Sunshine. Antiques + photography = magic!

EQ4A9720 EQ4A9767

In these images I went for a moodier look with the dark wood and furs.  Lighting is everything and if you want to achieve “moody” newborn images, then backlighting is key! EQ4A9841

Close up pictures of newborn faces are often my favorites!  These little ones grow so fast and even in a week, can look completely different.  Mamma’s and Daddies want to remember these early days and with sleepless nights, newborn images are the keepers of our memories!
EQ4A9891 EQ4A9924

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the internet!  If you want to find me in person, my studio is located in a little nook of Gwinnett Georgia in a town called Sugar Hill.  I adore newborn photography and would be honored to photograph your blooming family!  Contact me.

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This little guy and his family touched my heart the first time I met them at his newborn session. The love they share as a family and how much they desired to grow their family…it was all so touching. Mom and I became fast friends friends and shared instant bonds over the love of God, adoption and making & raising babies. For little Sawyer’s sitting up session, we headed down to the Chatahoochie River in Sugar Hill, Georgia. We knew we wanted to be near nature for this session and nature did not disappoint. Sawyer stayed happy and loved the sand and the water, which you can’t say for every baby. Just look at that smile and try not to melt!

If you are looking to encapsulate the growing moments in your childrens lives, please contact me! I would love to create some art work for our homes!

Sawyer_SITTING_024_1 Sawyer_SITTING_023_1 Sawyer_SITTING_011_1 Sawyer_SITTING_006_1 Sawyer_SITTING_003_1 Sawyer_SITTING_002_1

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Sweet Stancel Family…It is my utmost pleasure to be capturing these amazing moments in your lives! I joyfully welcome sweet little Isla with you! Your little nest is the sweetest! Please go check out big brothers newborn session HERE, his sitting up session HERE, and his 1st year session HERE!


If you live in Gwinnett County or surrounding areas and are looking for a photographer to document your Maternity and Newborn Images, I’d love to do that for you!  Please contact me via the contact page.

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