Kathleen’s studio is located in a quiet corner of Sugar Hill, Ga.  In addition to the indoor studio, we also have beautiful outdoor settings; accessible by foot or a short car ride.



Kathleen suggests maternity sessions to take place between 27-35 weeks.  At this time, you can usually see the beautiful signs of life within Mamma’s belly and Mamma is not so far into her pregnancy that she has become uncomfortable.


Do you photograph families during a maternity photography session?

Kathleen loves photographing families. Photographing interactions between family members not only allows for variety in your maternity portraits, but adds another dimension of emotion in your photographs.

What should I wear/bring to my maternity session?

Make sure to wear clothing that flatters your pregnant figure and shows off your belly. Try to avoid “frumpy” clothes where your shape gets lost; you want to look your best.Having a few items on hand will give us some options.  Here are some ideas…

– Flowing skirts paired with a simple tank top
– Neutral pallets, pastel pallet
– A top/sweater that opens to expose your belly. (stay away from white oxford or other button down shirts)

-Lingerie and gowns that open in the font to expose belly.
– Adding layers can add interest and whimsy to your images.  (scarf, big floppy hats, boots, heals)

I also have a supply of wraps on hand to “dress” you in for a very organic, natural feel to your images. For these kinds of portraits where much of your skin is showing, avoid tight-fitting bands from maternity pants. These will leave pressure marks. You can also roll the band down at least an hour before your session. Also avoid sock lines by either wearing low cut socks or none at all.

The best piece of advice I can give it to relax and enjoy this special day!  It’s a celebration of a new life to come!



When should I book my session?

Kathleen prefers to photograph new ones when they are between 5 and 10 days old. Fresh newborns are less likely to startle while sleeping, making the session run much smoother. It is never too soon to book a newborn session. Kathleen accepts a limited number of sessions each month. Once your session retainer is received, your due date will be noted and arrangements for your actual session date will be made as soon as your baby arrives.  Mothers planning a c-section or induction can book an actual session date in advance. EQ4A0496

What time of day do newborn sessions usually take place?

Newborn sessions typically are scheduled to begin around 9 – 10 am.

What should I wear and what should I bring to the newborn session?

FOR BABY:  Please give your new one a FULL feeding before leaving your home.  Place them in their carseat with nothing on but a diaper and place a burp cloth between them and the carseat straps.  Cover them warmly with blankets.  That way they will arrive to their session with bellies full and in a deep sleep.  Kathleen can take them directly from their carseat and begin to pose them without disturbing their slumber.  No socks, please,  as it leaves a pressure mark around the babies ankles.  If you are breast feeding, Kathleen will take breaks when the baby shows signs of hunger so you can nurse. If you are bottle feeding, please bring at least 4 bottles of milk, extra formula or your breast pump and a pacifier.  Even if baby has not shown signs of liking the pacifier so far, you will be amazed at what a big help that pacifier becomes during the newborn session.

Kathleen has a full supply of little hats, bonnets, wraps etc for baby.  Do not feel the need to purchase or bring these items for the baby unless it adds a sentimental element to your images.  Avoid items that are made with a shiny material.  Also please avoid headbands with large flowers and bows as they tend to distract from the babies face and natural beauty.   Please DO bring, diapers, wipes,  babies pacifier, prepared bottles and your breast pump (if you are nursing).

PARENTS & SIBLINGS: Parents and siblings should be dressed in neutral pallets.  (Browns, creams, grays and tans)  Pastels work awesome too and add a soft color.  There should be no buttons, collars or writing on tops. If Mom has a dress or skirt, bring it!  Avoid patterns as the focus will be on the baby and not what you are wearing, but have fun playing with different textures.  Lace, linen, knits etc.   This can be an exhausting time in a budding families life, so, Mom’s, please don’t stress about what you will wear!  I have plenty of wraps on hand to “dress” you in for your photos.


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What to expect.

It is not uncommon for a newborn sessions to last 3-4 hours, allowing plenty of time for feedings and comforting. The studio space is kept warm and quiet, to ensure that the session will run smoothly. Please let Kathleen know if you plan to have siblings participate in the session.  She LOVES sibling images and will arrange the day so the sibling can have images taken with baby early in the process, allowing them to be free to go home with a sitter after their part is complete.  If siblings will not be participating in the photoshoot please arrange for them to stay home to avoid distractions during the session.  Nap-time in a toddlers OWN bed is a wonderful thing! 🙂






If you have a newborn who is older than 10 days old we can still achieve beautiful timeless portraits.  Please give us a call so we can discuss your session details.

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Kathleen recommends sessions to be scheduled when babies are sitting up on their own, typically between 6-8 months old.  At this age they will be making eye contact, sucking on their toes and gracing us with some sweet smiles.


Kathleen loves to capture this exciting time!  Please select 2-3 complete outfits.  We will discuss location and concept together, tailoring the session to let you shine.


  • Your session retainer is due in full at the time of your booking to reserve your spot.
  • Your gallery will display the images that meet the high standards that Kathleen has set for herself. Although many more images will be taken, we will only show you the very best images for proofing.
  • Please do not bring your own camera, camcorder or other recording device to the session.
  • Your images will be presented to you in an online gallery for proofing 2-3 weeks post session. After placing your order, any images not purchased digitally will be deleted. Due to the custom nature of photographic products, all sales are final.
  • Image prices, products and services are subject to change. Rates area guaranteed for 30 days following your session.