Walker – Gwinnett County Maternity & Newborn Portraits

You know when your kids are in middle school and they decide they have a crush on a girl and you sweetly roll your eyes thinking that this little crush will never last?


Then it does.

and it’s the best kind of love?

This is them.

They have known each other since childhood.  Dated for 8 years and now have been married for 3 years as of July 2017.

So much Romance!

And now just LOOK at that sweet baby they made.  THEY MADE THAT!

God is good!

This little guys name is Walker.  We are all pretty smitten with him.

If you are looking for someone to capture this beautiful time in your life, please contact me.

Maternity & Newborn portraits are my specialities.

I just adore it!

Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_500 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_501 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_502 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_503 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_504 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_505 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_506 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_507 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_508 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_509 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_510 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_511 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_512 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_513 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_514 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_515 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_516 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_517 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_518 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_519 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_520 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_521 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_522 Sugar_Hill_Maternity_photographer_baby_523

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